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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

…wait that was something else ;)

Some time ago it happened I posted a single blog post and then my blogging skills have collapsed and my website was empty :(

Let’s try again

blog> sudo shutdown -r now

So again, hello !

Welcome on my new blog.

On my first attempt I was using BlogEngine.NET with a SQL Server database as a datastore for my texts (ups there was only one). A little bit overhead :) This time I wanted something friction free … and something good looking without need to hire a web designer. It took me a few minutes to create new blog site based on Jekyll Bootstrap. It uses GitHub’s ability to render a markup pages to create a really simple, based on static files blog “engine”. The post publishing is as simple as git push. No configuration (almost), no installation, all you need is explained step by step in Zero to Hosted Jekyll Blog in 3 Minutes. Of course when you get a new toy you won’t stop playing after only 3 minutes ;)

Till now I spend almost 2 nights fighting with my incompetence and trying to find a path in this new world for me. As you could read in About me page I’m a .Net developer with experience mainly in C# language. I did build a few web applications but now I need to learn something new, something different, something outside my ‘safety-zone’. Jekyll is based on Ruby language and a few other concepts like Liquid template engine & Twitter Bootstrap as a CSS framework. To have more fun I also wanted to have here my presentation I have done some time ago on Wrocław .NET User Group so I’ve added it using another new toy - Reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework.

To be done

  • Better layout (or I should say working layout) on mobile devices because I’ve already managed to spoil the default good one ;)
  • Some changes in default layout - still need to learn some CSS
  • Configure & enable some comments
  • … next posts :)