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Friction free blogging

It is what I want from my blogging solution.

When I finally managed to install Ruby and had Jekyll to work locally I wanted to develop something. The first thing I thought was: When I push a post with future date it should be published only on that date

I googled a little - there are many blogs running on Jekyll - you could check the list here - maybe someone already has come up with the solution.

The solution is very simple…

…and already build in Jekyll. Just add a line: future: false in your _config.yml and then add a post with: rake post title="Some future post" date="2013-06-07" commit, push and that’s all - the post will be visible on a given date.

… almost :(

You need to made GitHub Pages to rebuild your blog - by pushing something to repository or in other way - need to find some cron task to do it for me.