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The idea was: one day deep dive class to help thousands of people get up to speed on developing for Windows Azure. The Windows Azure bootcamps were held on more than 90 locations around the globe! You can read all the details at Global Windows Azure Bootcamp site.

GWAB @Poland

Wrocław was the only location in Poland this year thanks to Łukasz Gąsior (@lukaszgasior) who came up with the idea to organise the workshop. The organisers were (codingtv();](http://codingtv.pl/) (@codingtv) & Wrocław .Net User Group (@wrocnet). See photos from the event on @wrocnet’s site.


Despite our effort & increasing running instances we have fallen off from Top-10 :( Both Poland & Wrocław finally ended on 11th place (not bad considering other locations). As you remember I’ve used my paid Azure subscription with running up to 5 instances of RenderLab. And the bill is… €0.00 :) I’ve forgot that I have got 375 Compute Hours for Cloud Services included. I’ve used 32 hours only :( Blame me for loosing the 10th place. See final results on Global Render Lab website.

My talk: Windows Azure Websites

I did a first talk on that day. After a very short & high level introduction to Windows Azure I’ve tried to present some of the new capabilities of Azure. My talk was mostly about Windows Azure Websites. Hope you have enjoyed it :) For those who were on the bootcamp you remember that I’ve promised some more info. So here you are: