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Mirosław Pragłowski

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About me

I’m a software developer.

This is what I always wanted to do since I first saw a Spectrum computer in the mid-eighties - far far away and long time ago :) I have now more than 12 years of experience in developing software - in different languages (mainly C++, C# and recently node.js & Ruby / Ruby On Rails), of different types (from home customer box product to custom development of line of business applications).

My current (because they are constantly changing) areas of interest are:

  • agile team leadership
  • requirements gathering, planing and estimating
  • friction free development, tests and deployments
  • software architecture
  • event sourcing & CQRS

Wrocław .NET User Group co-leader

Three years ago Paweł Łukasik posted an idea to reactivate Wrocław .NET User Group. Since then as a co-leader I help to organise monthly meetups of our group where passionate developers could share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Check out Wrocław .NET User Group on Twitter (@wrocnet), Facebook and meeting calendar on MeetUp.

Profesional Experience

I work as Ruby & Ruby on Rails Development in Arkency where I’m trying to learn new technology stack from scratch after over 10 years in Microsoft / .NET world.

More about my professional experience on LinkedIn